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How to Ride Electric Scooter!

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Did you love riding around on a manual scooter when you were a kid, but as an adult now you're eager to try out the best electric scooter? Considering these scooters are now more affordable than ever, it's the perfect time to try one out.

These scooters can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They're designed for riders of all skill levels, although more powerful models can be more difficult to control and maneuver. How to ride electric scooter can take some practice, especially if you haven't ridden a manual scooter before, or it's been awhile since you've been on one. As we mentioned, more powerful models can take the most practice but even a slower electric scooter can require some skill.

So, let's find out how you can easily ride one of these powerful models like a pro.

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Patented electric scooter New E2

Getting Started

While easy to use, just like a bicycle, riding one can take some getting used to. You don't want to drop your new heavy scooter your first day on the street.

First off, if you're a beginner, or it has been years since you've been on one, you need to find a safe place to practice. The practice space should be large and ideally a place where there's little to no traffic. Parking lots and back roads are both great choices.

Until you're confident in your scooter riding skills you should avoid bike lanes or paths, and basically any type of uneven terrain.

When learning how to ride, you need a considerably large area particularly somewhere with no traffic and obstacles.

Basic Steps

To ride, flip the latch located at the base of the steering column and unlock your scooter, raising it in a full, upright position.

Power up your scooter by pressing the on switch. If your scooter comes equipped with an LED display, take a look at the information, especially the battery life indicator.

On the handlebars you'll find the handbrake. Most scooter brakes are pretty sensitive, so go easy on it until you become more familiar with your new scooter.

The throttle is what you'll use to increase or reduce the power. To get started hit the throttle and you're off.

Once you're ready to stop, use the hand or foot brake. If you’ve reached your destination, make sure you remember to power the scooter off.

Next, fold the scooter back up, engage the latch, and you’re done.

Practicing with a Partner

If you have a friend who's experienced, now would be the perfect time to hit them up and ask them for pointers. Even better, ask them to practice with you a few times so they can teach you the basics.


No matter who you're with, where you're riding, or who you are, always wear a helmet. You should protect your head at all times. We recommend helmet which is built tough and comes with an extensive vent system and a moisture wicking liner, so you'll stay nice and cool during a ride, and well protected.


Aside from head gear, you should also wear protective clothing. The clothing should cover your arms and legs, so you'll have a little protection in the event of a fall. For kids and beginners, pros recommend wearing knee and elbow pads.


Electric Scooter Charging

Before you take your scooter out for a spin, make sure it's fully charged. You can easily learn how to charge a scooter by reading the user's manual. Some models may only require an hour or two of charge time, while others may need to be charged overnight. So, be prepared and get your scooter charged and ready ahead of time.


Models of Sunmax Electric Scooter for Kids & Adults comes equipped with some powerful brakes. Before you start riding around at top speed, make sure you become familiar with the brake system and learn just how sensitive they are.

Pace Yourself

You're probably tempted to rev up that throttle and see what your scooter is really made of, but if you're just learning how to ride an electric scooter, the last thing you want to do shoot for the max speed before you're confident in your riding and braking abilities.

During your first ride, you'll probably be surprised at how easy it is to balance when you're moving. But as you increase the speed, balancing can take a lot more practice.

In the Event of an Accident

Even the most skilled scooter rider will fall from time to time. If you're about to fall, remember not to panic. Whatever you do, don't grab the throttle. This will only cause the situation to go from bad to worse.

Instead, simply let go of everything and jump away from the scooter. Don't try to protect the scooter. Focus on getting away from the danger.


Make sure, during your ride you keep a close eye on the battery life indicator and the scooter's mileage. If you've read the user's manual, then you should already be familiar with your scooter's range capabilities. If your battery life is running low or you're close to the max mileage range, it's time to pack it up and head for home. You don't want to get stuck pushing your electric scooter all the way home, especially if you have a larger, beefier model.

As you can see, riding an electric scooter isn't exactly complicated. You’ll need to brush up on your balance and reflexes and become familiar with your particular model's setup.

Riding your new electric scooter can be a fulfilling, fun experience. With a little practice, patience, and caution, you should be able to get the hang of riding, turning, and weaving in and out of traffic, in no time. However, it's important to remember that you need to go slow in the beginning. Continue practicing in parking lots and back streets until you feel confident enough to ride around traffic or areas that have more pedestrians.

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